Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tulip Profile

This is another tulip that I planted last fall - it is just about ready to bloom. I took the picture this afternoon (overcast day) and placed a piece of black foamboard about a foot behind it. Canon Digital Rebel and the Tamron 90 mm macro lens, ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/30 sec.


Anonymous said...

You've got some great flower photos here, David.

I replied to your post about hotels in Jasper on my 'Banff - Introduction' post. It's not much help I'm afraid as it's been so many years since I went to Jasper - must go again this year!

Check for Jasper hotel reviews. The reviewers liked the Patricia Lake Bungalows best and they're certainly cheaper than most places in Jasper. They're not in town though so may be inconvenient for your parents. I've never been a big fan of the cabins and bungalows as they're often in shabby condition and can be noisy with parties and kids - depends on what you're going for! This one seems good from what they say.

Good luck with your trip. I hope the Maligne Lake boat trip is running but it may be a bit early. That's the best thing to there.

Preston said...

Excellent abstract, David. I'd love to see a 24" print :)