Friday, October 10, 2008

Infrared Test 2 - Water Lily - MoBot

I got the Infrared filter out again today. Here is the "straight" shot, Nikon D100, ISO 200, 105mm Micro, f/16 @ 1/10s with circular polarizer.

Infrared RAW image, same camera and lens, f/16 @ 1/6s, but this time with a Cokin 007 filter (equivalent to a Kodak Wratten 89B). I like how it drops the water to a pure black and eliminates the leaf coloring. A straight B&W conversion from the color would not have these benefits.

The same file as above converted to albumin print tint in Lightroom 2. It still needs some Photoshop work to give the blossom a pure white to make it pop, but I like the overall design and 1890's feel. I'll post an update if I ever get around to finishing it :)

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