Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Young Lion

This male lion is around two years old.  Nikon D2x, ISO 200, 1/125 at f4, Nikon 300mm f/4, lens, Gitzo carbon fiber tripod w/RRS head.  I'm also using an RRS replacement tripod ring - the original Nikon ring is notoriously unstable.  


Preston said...

I think I know his uncle Clarence who works at MGM. This looks like a Hollywood glamor shot. The sharpness at f/4 is amazing. Well done, sir!

Ray said...

Thank you. He sat down next to a rock wall and that helped make the light a little more directional. And that 300 f/4 is really good - especially when you consider it's a 450 f/4 with the DX magnification. I didn't realize how sharp it was until I got it stabilized, but now I rarely shoot anything else at the zoo.