Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playground At Dusk

Another big thanks to Ray for getting me excited about Lightroom 2. I was able to create this amazing shot in Francis Park by settung expsoure on my son which blew the sky completely out. I then used the Recovery adjustment to bring back all the blue sky highlights. Added a little vibrance and clarity and got this sweet picture.
D90, ISO 500 (auto-iso), 18-200mm @ 44mm, f5.6 @ 1/160s.


Preston said...

Clint, very nice job with the composition and "decisive moment" capture. How do you like the D90? Have you shot any video with it yet?

Clint said...

Upgraded from the D60 to get higher ISO performance and more lense options. Happy to say I got both. ISO 3200 images print fine at 4x6 with just a little noise reduction and the $100 50mm f1.8 has become my favorite indoor lens.

Clint said...

Haven't bothered with the video. It's there in case I see a UFO or other video emergency. I have a HD camcorder that's better for video.