Friday, March 27, 2009

Wild Horses of Eminence

On a recent trip to Eminence, Missouri I got to see two of the three wild horse heards roaming that county. The herds are federally protected and have been around for decades. The first heard I saw had nine members, the other one had around 18.

The three herds stay in the same general area, but it's a big enough that a little bit of luck and/or persistence is needed to see them.

Photo taken with the Canon Digital Rebel and Canon's 300 mm lens. ISO 100, f/5.0, 1/320 sec.


Ray Meibaum said...

Nice shot. I spent a weekend in Eminence a couple of years ago but I had no idea there were wild horses in Missouri. Did you go to Alley Mill? It's a good place for photos - I've heard it's the most photographed spot in the Ozarks.

Preston said...

Wild horses couldn't drag me to Eminence. Or is it Potosi where I can't show my face again? Either way, your photo has very interesting, delicate lighting and colors. I remember reading that Missouri had a wild horse population, but had no idea where to see them. I've always wanted to visit Alley Mill - must plan a trip when Susan is able to travel again.

GaryB said...

Nice shot. I'm curious what that is in the upper right quadrant: a cobweb in the extreme foreground?

Clint Edmonson said...

Great shot! Nice color and layering give great sense of depth. Would make a very nice print.