Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinhole Test 1

I've been meaning to try this for years, not sure why it took so long... First, a reference shot.  This is my back yard, late afternoon.  Nikon D100, 50mm, f/11, 1/350s.  Focus was on the bench.  Note the complete lack of water in the background :)  I chose 50mm for the first reference test because my pinhole "lens" is a body cap with, you guessed it, a pin hole in the center.  I estimated the distance from the cap to the sensor to be about 48mm, so it seemed like a good fit. 

The pinhole shot, Nikon D100, ISO 800, pinhole body cap, est. f/180, 1/2s.  Angle of veiw is wider than the 50mm.  Color shifted -700K, but I found it was easily corrected.  I was expecting edge fall off, but illumination is very even.  The ISO noise looks enhanced by the large circle of confusion, much like film pinhole pictures look more grainy. 

I'm not trading in my Nikkor glass any time soon, but I've always wanted to explore the world of photographers like Ruth Thorne-Thompson.  Now I'm one step closer. 

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