Saturday, February 13, 2010

Solarized Foliage #2

The push-button solarization offered by Nik Silver Efex Pro is very convenient and I've standardized on a custom setting that I like, but because of the way it goes about the style, control of the output is very limited.  Now I've discovered the Solarization effect in Nik Color Efex Pro that offers a strong set of tools to precisely control the tonality, reversal effects and character of the Sabbitier lines.

Technical:  Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-85mm f2.8-f4, ISO 800, 56mm @ f/4.0 @ 1/60s, handheld.  RAW file processed in Lightroom 2.6, Nik Dfine to reduce noise, Nik Color Efex Pro to solarize, Nik Silver Efex Pro to apply Copper Toning effect.

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