Monday, December 15, 2008

Beauty Lighting

Making progress with the portrait lighting.  This photo of Trina uses Joe McNally's classic beauty light formula with softboxes above and below.  Retouched in Photoshop and Lightroom.  D3, Nikon 105mm f/2, 1/100 @f/11, ISO 100.  I strongly recommend Joe McNally's book: "The Moment It Clicks".  It's a wonderful and inspirational book, one of the best photography books I've found.


Preston said...

Great shot, Ray. It looks polished and professional. I'm curious about the ISO 100 choice. Was that for larger f-stop, quality or ???

Ray Meibaum said...

Thanks - I read somewhere that f/11 is the magic stop for portraits so i wanted to give it a try, and the strobes were at pretty low power anyway, so i cranked the ISO to the lowest setting on the D3 (named LO -1.0 which i guess means "you don't need this!"). Maybe the D700 uses the same naming. In any case f/11 seemed to work well with the 105mm on full frame - it holds the nose and eyes and softens visibly at the ears. I was honestly surprised how shallow the DOF is, but I guess that's the larger sensor.


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