Tuesday, December 9, 2008

St. Louis at Dusk

St. Louis, December 7th at about 5:00 PM.  Nikon D700, ISO 200, 50mm f/1.8D, f/5.6 @ 1/100s.  It was nearly dark.  The first few shots were over exposed by quite a bit, giving great detail on the statue, but bleached the sky and blew out the moon, so I did a -1.0 in camera exposure compensation.  I'm finding the D700 tends to expose for shadows.  Cropped in Lightroom 2 with some added post crop vignette.  The sky color is straight out of the camera.


Ray said...

i really like this shot. great color in the sky.

Preston said...

Thank you, Ray. The JPEG version looses quite a bit in the way of shadow detail. I made a quick print on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Gloss paper using the Epson 280 and Claria High Definition ink and the resolution in the statue is amazing.

Ray Meibaum said...

i'd like to see the print - even in the jpg the shadow detail is good.