Monday, March 29, 2010

Lightroom Web Galleries

This new version of Red Grid #1 leads a random selection of pictures I used to try out two Web Gallery generators for Lightroom.  My objective is to assemble a proper digital portfolio in a few weeks and have an easy means to sustain the effort.

First is the very capable SlideShowPro for Lightroom that Michael Rather demonstrates in a recent Podcast, "Lightroom for Digital Photographers".  It took me about ten minutes to generate this gallery:  I just scratched the surface here.  One of the best features is the way it manages multiple galleries. I can't wait to have time to take a serious stab at configuring the tool.  For more information, see

The second is an iPhone friendly gallery generator called TTG iPhone Portfolio for Lightroom 1.1.  Unfortunately, it took me about an hour to eliminate the bugs, but I emerged with a better understanding of how these Web Gallery plug-ins work.  I'm going to make a few more changes to the template.  Shoot me a note if you're interested in the debugged ASP.NET version.  The test output is here:  For more information, see

These two galleries are being served by an HP MediaSmart LX195, which is literally sitting under my desk.  I got it to use primarily as a NAS for backups, but makes a great little web server for projects like this.      


David said...

These are nice! I've been playing with cooliris for galleries here:

The major problem is that I had to handcode the xml file. I wish there was a way for Lightroom to export it.

Preston Page said...

Is cooliris a Lightroom add-in?

David said...

It's a flash object. Here's the link:

I had to manually create this xml file:

and then used their wizard to create the embed code:

I couldn't find a way for Lighroom to export that media.rss file.

Preston Page said...

You might see if you like the SlideShowPro for Lightroom product. They have a free trial. If you like it, the cost is $35. I'm to the point where I want to do almost everything in Lightroom if I can to keep the tool clutter to a minimum.