Saturday, March 27, 2010

Park Bench In Flood #2, Day for Night

I posted an earlier version of this picture, but felt it did not have enough contrast and didn't quite make the leap to abstraction.  Playing with it in Lightroom 3, I was thinking it might be a good "day-for-night" candidate.  In the film days, you'd shoot tungsten stock in daylight and underexpose by 1-2 stops.  So in Lightroom I changed the white balance of the RAW file to tungsten, dropped the exposure and boosted contrast and saturation.

Technical: Nikon D700, Nikkor 180mm f2.8 "Leni Lens", ISO 200, f/4.0 @ 1/640s, handheld.  RAW file processed in Lightroom 3 Beta 2 64-bit and Nik Dfine, Vivenza and Color Efex Pro Complete, in which I applied the "Glamor Glow" and the "Polaroid Transfer" styles.

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