Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clouds #29, HDR Test

I've been working through various workflows for processing clouds, but keep coming back to the look that underexposed Kodachrome gave us.  I wonder how long it will be before the shorthand meaning of Kodachrome drops from the visual literacy lexicon.  After I got the Kodachrome color and contrast, I took it one step further and simulated Pete Turner's Kodachrome copy look by processing a single image in Nik HDR Efex, RAW Sharpener and Dfine.

This monochrome based on the HDR color, converted in Nik Silver Efex Pro simulating a Wratten #61 filter.  The blue/sepia split tone was applied in Lightroom 3.

The starter shot made to look like Kodachrome using Photoshop CS5 levels and curves adjustments.  

Lens: Nikkor AF 24-85mm f2.8-4 IF 
Camera: Nikon D100
Exposure: ISO 200, 28mm @ f/5.6 @ 1/160s, Auto WB, RAW, handheld
Lighting: Daylight
Location: My backyard
Dates: Capture - April 10, 2008, Processed - November 23, 2010
Processing: Lightroom 3, Nik HDR Efex, Nik Silver Efex Pro, Photoshop CS5

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