Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christina and Natalie, 1980

One of the older pictures from my book stars Christina Kemper, left, and Natalie Zimmerman in Oscar del la Renta for a Stix, Baer & Fuller newspaper ad.  It won a number of awards at the time, believe it or not.  We shot this at the Jefferson Memorial in Forest Park, several years before the renovation.  Christina was kind enough to fly in from Chicago for shoots.  Natalie started her modeling career in St. Louis, then moved to NYC.  I think she was visiting when we shot this.  The art director for this was the great Ranny Millier, who was always open to all my experiments.  This was a full page newspaper ad for a department store, so the grainy film and blurred movement were fairly brave decisions on his part.

Technical: Nikon F2, 105mm f2.5, Ilford HP5 @ ASA 400 processed in Durafine, f/8.0 @ 1/15s in norther skylight.  Printed on Ilford Multigrade FB, bleached in 5% potassium ferrocyanide, then soaked in Kodak Rapid Selenium 1:64 to get neutral whites and blue Zone III values, then drum ferro-typed.  Wow, did I do all that?  

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