Monday, September 21, 2009

Mei-Li In A Red Jacket, 1992

Don't laugh!  That jacket will be back in style Spring 2010.  Mei-Li Miller was one of the very best models with whom it was my pleasure and good fortune to work.  I wish I had more pictures of her printed, but this one was still in my old fashion book.

Technical: Hasselblad 500 CM, Zeiss 150mm f4.0, Fujichrome 50, f/11.0 @ 1/8s, Broncolor flash on model, Lowell DP with barn doors on background, handheld.  I was going through a flash blur phase; I still like the effect if it is subtle.  Film processed using a modified E-6 kit.  Among other things, I discovered that I got a longer tonal scale with Fujichrome by using real light instead of a chemical fog agent.  Print is on Cibachrome F, using my own formula for the first developer.  Yes, I mixed my own Cibachrome first developer from scratch.  The copy is really flat.

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