Sunday, September 27, 2009

Michelle in Swimwear, 1992

In the days before Photoshop, I had a client with five swimming suits but budget for only one model, let alone compositing multiple shots by the printer.  My solution was to shoot with a 4x5 view camera through a narrow slit cut in black cardboard in front of the lens, starting with the back shifted all the way to the right.  I took 18 pictures of each swim suit, shifted the back to the left 20% and ran throught the same film again, building up multiple exposures.  The client was so happy with the result that even  after we had budght for more models, he wanted to keep with this look.  Other clients liked the approach, too, so similar shots wound up as store posters.  This was my first try, though, and it sure helped to have a good, experienced model to make it work.  On a sad note, Michelle was in a bad car accident shortly after this picture was made, putting an early end to her modelling career.

Technical: Sinar F 4x5 camera, Schneider G-Claron 240mm f9.0, Fujichrome 50, f/22 @ 1/125s, Broncolor Flashman head in Chimera bank, silver reflector to give shine to the skin.

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